Resources & Waste UK

Resources and Waste UK (R&WUK) is the newly created partnership between the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) and Environmental Services Association (ESA). It is a unique partnership of the professional institution and trade association at the heart of the sustainable resources and waste management industry in the UK. It has been created to form a single voice in the interests of championing the future of resource management.

Why is the UK resources and waste management sector important?

More sustainable resource and waste management benefits all business sectors. It has the potential to build new, high value jobs both in our own industry and in all of the industries that we serve. Our core sector employs between 120,000 and 150,000 (depending on how it is defined) and is worth around £12 to £15bn per year. It will bring new jobs at a wide range of skills and abilities as it develops to embrace resource efficiency and a circular economic approach.

To our customer sectors, we represent an even greater potential. A recent WRAP / Green Alliance report concluded that better resources management could bring between 50,000 and 250,000 net new, high value jobs to the UK and Defra estimates a bottom line advantage to UK businesses of around £3bn per year.  Across Europe, this is expected to be worth an extra 3% on the general business bottom line. Better resource management also offers business continuity through secured future feedstocks for manufacturing. This could prove to be invaluable in an increasingly resource-constrained future – as predicted by all 15 US intelligence agencies among others.

Better resources management also brings important environmental and social benefits. These range from contributions to tackling climate change, moving towards one-planet-living, and improving local environmental quality, which in turn supports inward investment, better physical and mental health, and generally reduced crime.

Although there is much that our industry can achieve through improving its own performance and through helping our customers to be more resource efficient themselves, we can only realise its full potential with central government support. Without that support, we risk missing important performance targets, losing hard-won public support and engagement, and wasting valuable resources. With that support, our waste can be turned into secondary resources, with all the associated economic development advantages.

R&WUK draws together extensive knowledge and experience across a wide range of industry issues, as well an understanding of the resource and waste management needs and opportunities of our customers in all industry sectors. We are seeking a proactive and open relationship with all four UK governments and other stakeholders and partners to help deliver this sector’s full potential and to reap the benefits of a more circular materials economy.

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R&WUK is a not-for-profit company | Company No: 03489593